• Thomas Michael Philbin

Tom Philbin, a loving husband, father, son, and brother, passed away on September 12, 2023, in Plymouth, Minnesota, at the age of 65. He touched the lives of many and leaves behind a legacy that will forever resonate in the hearts of those who knew him. Tom was born on July 11, 1958, in Niles, Illinois, where he grew up as one of five children. He was a caddy during his younger years, a job that fueled his passion for golf. It also provided a framework for creating meaningful relationships, something he prioritized throughout his life. Tom attended the University of Notre Dame, where he was a proud alumnus and generous donor. Tom had a successful and fulfilling 30+ year career in the agricultural industry and served as a leader of a global sales organization. He was known as a great manager and an esteemed public speaker. His work allowed him to travel all over the world. He frequently recounted his time residing in Singapore for three years early on in his career. He always returned from his travels eager to share stories of his adventures in remote parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. He was a traveler, not a tourist - a distinction he frequently noted. Tom loved visiting new countries and cities, walking the streets for hours without a map. He traveled to just about every region of the world, totaling 60 countries. Tom LOVED golf and was a true competitor. He was a student of the game and his passion for golf extended beyond the sport itself; it was a means of spending meaningful time with his friends, family, and colleagues.