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Monday, May 28, 2012

July (2010): The Prognostications, So Far...

Okay, 12 forecasts in, 8 to go. Some speculative explanations as to the non-responses:

·         Perez.  Lives in Rhode Island now, where they haven’t yet committed to that new-fangled internet thing so news arrives a week after the rest of the country, including Alaska.
·         Behrens.  Still in the Upper Hebrides or some such; given his interest in writing yet another exam essay for me, not entirely sure he understands the question.
·         Brunett. Craftily waiting to see how the field wagers, then going lower.  Well played, maestro!
·         Thompson.  Even though he didn’t attend ND, has been to more 5 year reunions than half the class.  Presently too busy trying to wrap his mind around rumored ND plans to schedule Temple.
·         Ryan. After witnessing LeBron’s successful PR effort, rumored to be hard at work on an empathy-based “It’s all about the (hedge fund managers’) children” campaign for Carmelo Anthony.
·         Gordon.  Lives in Texas, too busy working on state Secession Planning, version 42.
·         Flaherty.  Über-competitive, still working his behind-the-scenes contacts for that extra ‘edge’.
·         Sully. Rumored to be up in Green Bay – Utopian parallel universe where reentry in so-called Real World takes some time.

And even on paper, it’s uncomfortable being bracketed with two Dillon-ites.

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