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Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Treats, Just Feeling Tricked (1 November 2008)

I can't shake the feeling that yesterday's game should not have even been close. Pitt is not a good team... I think we might've personally contributed to all of their points (eg, blocked punts, drive-sustaining penalties).

And so, tired of my own drivel and in a still semi-catatonic state, I'm going to change things up for this week's epistle. It's time for...

Word Association!

It's fun! And Easy!  Play it with friends and family!  Your grocery store check out clerk!

1. Michael Floyd =>. The Mandingo.

2. Jimmy Clausen =>  Impatient. (Or is it just the plays?)

3. Mo Crum => A cipher.

4. McCarthy & Harrison => Not-So-Average White Band. (Despite the latter's dumbass, possibly game changing penalty). 

5. Pitt's 0 => Washington-esque 'cept w/ LeSean McCoy.

6. Offensive play calling => Inexplicable. Unfathomable.

7. Dave Wannstedt => Hapless (I don't care if they won, he still seems to always look... befuddled).

8. Defensive line play => The Key to the Universe. (Contrast Pitt v ND and Texas Tech v Texas).

Strength up the middle and outside of strong safety play, we don't have it. . 

9. Brandon Walker => Absolutely Not the Goat. (You all had to know we shot our karmic wad when he made the 46 yd'er.)

10. Purdue => A shout out to daughter Ryan's school for putting the final bowl-eligible nail in Meechagan's coffin. Even in profound disappointment I can find joy in that school's misfortune. Schadenfreude!  3-9 is looking very doable for them (and 2-10 isn't out of the question).

A few, final comments:

1. I'm an unabashed Pat Haden fan. I think he's articulate, insightful, balanced and humorous. Tom Hammonds serves his functional purpose as well - except when they put the camera on him. Is anyone else unnerved about his eye make up? Maybe its the distractingly long lashes but I see Tom and I see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - an off hrs. cross dresser...

2.  I think its safe to say that the vast majority of the time these days, our players no longer act like freshmen and sophomores - and its interesting to me that the media doesn't even make a big deal about it (OK, maybe Floyd but only because every week he gets more freakish).

But my point is this: I have a nagging feeling that our stumbles still have more to do w. COACHING than talent / experience. As evidence: we seem to continually play down to our competition... our offensive game planning seems to continually fly in the face of what we do best... we have no killer instinct (although the final 2 minutes of the 1st Half held promise).

I'm not saying 'fire Charlie' ('though maybe re-think the Haywood play calling decision). Maybe its just that his destiny is to be the Mike Brey of football... a program that goes 10-2, 9-3 and the occasional 11-1... solidly Top 20... and a unit that stays out of big trouble - that the Administration can be proud of.

3. The Druids used to believe that God was a Being that could be negotiated with... hence the notion of ritual sacrifices and such... and despite St Patrick bringing Catholicism to those folk, with a revised 'God's Will Be Done' viewpoint, to this day each of us still participate in the innocuous "Pls. God, if You do ____, I'll never do _____ again".

So in this spirit of trying to find a silver lining to an otherwise gut wrenching loss, I'll put this out there: "If we only get to win one of the two, please God, let it be against Boston College..."

Over and out, boys. Until next week. 

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