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Thursday, May 10, 2012

ND vs. Washington (25 October 2008)

Let's get to it, shall we?

1. UW is a God-awful football team. Which is sad 'cause not so long ago, they were a formidable program. And it also makes it hard to draw many conclusions from the game.
2. Harrison Smith is a football player. Just do-whatever-it-takes tough.

3. Lost focus. Weird game - it seemed like the first two scores came so easily that we had a problem, at least offensively (or maybe just Jimmy), taking the game seriously after that.

4. Happy for James Aldridge; he had a nice game. Good to see him getting some important reps.
5. Are we too nice? Was running all the time in the 4th Qtr a strategy or an attempt to take it easy on Ty? That said, the fake punt might be a counter argument to the 'we took it easy' suggestion.

6. Bob Davie. I thought he was solid, made some pretty accurate comments. However his partner, Generic Articulate African American Guy, was a twit. 

7. Nicknames. Let's hear it for the creativity of Fan Nation (and / or peers):
 a. "Blue Royster Cult". For Evan Royster, the Penn State running back's student fan club. Despite the fact, none of them were alive when that pop culture reference was relevant. 
 b. "Eva". The Philadelphia fans chant to Evan Longoria, mired in an 0-fer-A Lot World Series slump. At least he was by the time I went to bed.
 c.  "Hayseed". Harrison Smith's nickname from his teammates. All in good fun, I'm sure but I'm just a sucker for pejorative swipes at the South.

Next week, a Wanny-led Pitt. If the defense tackles like they did Saturday night, I like our chances. 

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